Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A few prayer requests

My mom woke up yesterday morning around 1 am with terrible gallbladder pains. By 5:30 she said it still wasn't any better so she woke my dad and called my grandma to come stay with the kids (she had my nephews H&C and Brayden). She finally got to the hospital around 7, but they were so swamped they didn't get her in the back and with pain medicine until 11:30 or so. She had surgery at 3:30 and they removed the gallbladder. When I talked to her last night she was feeling much better. Please pray that as the medicine starts to wear off she will still feel ok. She has been having a lot of problems wit her gallbladder, but was hoping to wait until school started to have surgery (since she has H&C all sumemr long, and any time they are not in school).

Also, please pray for our kitty Smokey. We went to Austin late Friday night and left food and water out for them. When we came home Sunday Cassie was still here, but Smokey wasn't. We haven't seen him since. We are starting to get really worried about him. He has a collar on, with his county tag, rabies tag, and his microchipped #. He is use to being an outside cat (he spends 1/2 the time inside and 1/2 the time outside). I am just hoping someone else is feeding him, and he will be home soon. We haven't said anything to the boys yet, but I can't even think about him not coming home. Here is a pic of him that I have shared before.

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Stephanee said...

Don't give up on Smokey coming home. When we moved last summer our kitty got out of our new house the second day oafter we were there. We called and called for a week and didn't see any sign of him. We were sure he was gone forever, as he didn't know the area at all. I'm certain that in answer to the fervent prayers of some children, he miraculously returned after being gone for 3 weeks solid. He was a little thin but otherwise just fine! It was amazing - like Homeward Bound :) Anyways, I will pray your kitty find his way home too.
I have enjoyed reading your blog and really want to know how you found all the great deals from your last post! Maybe we'll see you guys when we are in town for a football game this fall. I am missing Aggieland and can't wait to visit.