Tuesday, December 9, 2008


UPDATE 12/11/08:
Look how bad Brandt's eye is today. He says it still doesn't hurt, but wowza it looks bad! Several of the teachers at school thought they had been in a car accident, man those kids have hard heads. Brayden's head looks about the same as it did the first night. Any guesses on how long before all the bruising is gone?

Look what my poor babies did to each other! They had just gotten out of the bathtub and into Pjs and were on their way to bed. Brayden was coming back into my room and Brandt was leaving my room, and neither saw the other one. They both just wiped out and were hysterical. By the time I picked Brayden up his was already huge and turning colors. Brandt's eye kept swelling and by the time we got everyone settled and in bed his was pretty swollen as well. Unfortunately, we are suppose to take Mark Sykes photos on Friday.


Amanda said...

OH NO Kelly! Were they running when they hit? Poor boys! I hope they'll heal soon!

Kathleen said...

Ouch! Poor guys.

Karlise said...

Owie!! Next time, put a salt/water paste on the bumps and it will help bring the swelling down fast. I don't know if it would work now though. Poor boys!

Becky said...

Wow! That was a HARD hit!!!