Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Snow in Texas

It rarely snows in Texas. We get ice and sometimes sleet, but not really snow. What we usually get is just a tiny bit of snow mixed with mostly sleet, and is melted way before it hits the ground. Today, however it actually snowed for most of the day, and stuck. We had a blast playing in it! Brennan was mesmerized as he walked to the car when I picked him up this afternoon.
Bryson when I picked him up
Brayden making a snowman once we got home
Brennan and Brandt working on the snowman
Bryson and our giant snowman
Brandt then made his own snowman and used coke lids to decorate it
Brayden made a baby snowman

Hard to believe 2 days ago it was 75 degrees and we were wearing shorts. Crazy Texas weather!

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Carrie said...

Wow! You guys have a big snowman...much bigger than ours! Mason and I tried to make a bigger one, but we were cut short by Ellie trying to run away into the neighbor's yard! Ha!