Friday, March 19, 2010

How far can $30 go?

I had a great shopping trip today between Kroger and Target. I got all of this for just under $30 and I left with $10 in giftcards, so essentially it was all $20! I love how Kroger spells out your savings on the receipt for you. According to the receipt, I saved over $95 and only spent $17 for a total savings of 85%. I wish Target had that on their receipts too.

It is hard to see everything in the picture, but I got:
5 boxes of cereal
2 boxes of Nutri-grain bars
4 large boxes of poptarts
Dinosaur eggs oatmeal
Cars fruit snacks
4 12 pack of cokes
9 32 oz of Powerade Zero
8 cans of Del Monte diced tomatoes
Morningstar sausages
2 Hormel ready to eat roasts
3 pounds of bananas
3 DiGiorno pizza and Breadsticks
3 regular DiGiorno Pizzas
Pediasure Nutripals
DiGiorno Personal 200 calorie pizza


Becky said...

Awesome Kelly!! I did that not long total savings at Kroger was like 47%. It's fun!

Emily said...

Way to go--I think I need a one on one lesson with you on how to do this!! We are in need of some money saving - so this would be so helpful!

Hanne said...

That is awesome! Do you do tutorials? I would LOVE to learn how to be even more frugal and save more money!

Loren said...

WOW! I have NO idea how you did this! I would have saved next to nothing - what's your trick? You should do a follow up!!!