Friday, July 16, 2010

Frugal Friday

One thing that is a must for a healthy marriage is alone time for the 2 of you. That means finding a babysitter and going on a date with no kids, just the 2 of you. Now if you have a large family like ours and no family in town this becomes very difficult. Once we have paid for a babysitter for 4 kids there is no money left over to actually do anything fun with. So my tip today is to find a friend or group of friends and exchange babysitting time. For instance this week you watch their kids for them to go out and then the next week they watch your kids for you to go out...or any other arrangement you work out. We have done this in the past and it was so nice. We got to have some much needed "us" time and our kids got play dates every week. We are in the process of setting this up again and can not wait!

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Kathleen said...

Does Texas Roadhouse still have kids eat free on Monday? If so, and you go before 6, you can eat off the early dine menu where I think they are 7.99. Their kids meals are large two so you could probably get out of there for under $20. We love Dickie's right now so we eat there almost every week. What do you get to do the $15 though? I can't manage to do better than $21.