Monday, August 2, 2010

Great deal on Energizer batteries and iTunes gift cards at Sam's Club

Sam's Club has a great deal on Energizer Batteries and iTunes gift cards right now.

Currently, when you buy (2) 24 count specially marked Energizer Max AA or AAA batteries for $9.96 each, you snag 4 codes (2 codes per package) for a $10 iTunes gift card to be redeemed online!

However, you only need 3 codes to qualify for the $10 iTunes gift card. So if you buy 6 packs of batteries, you’ll end up with 12 codes total which means you’ll spend $59.76 on batteries and then you’ll snag $40 worth of iTunes gift cards (note that there is a limit of four $10 iTunes gift card redemptions per person/household/email address)! Allow approximately 2-3 weeks for receipt of an e-mail from iTunes with your gift card information. For more information and to redeem your codes, click here.

Also keep in mind that these specially marked packages of Energizer batteries are available at many different stores, not just Sam’s club. For a list of participating Energizer products, click here.


Carolyn said...

What a neat blog and I love your Frugal Fridays and Wordless Wednesdays. Thanks for the tips...keep them coming. Your boys are just so darn cute.

Carolyn said...

I love your Frugal Fridays and Wordless Wednesdays. Thanks so much for the tips. Your boys are just so adorable. I hope to hear all about homeschooling.