Monday, April 16, 2012

Shark Party!!!

Brennan turns 4 in a week and we had his birthday party this weekend. He really wanted a shark birthday party. I had a lot of fun planning this party and thought it turned out pretty cute.

Brennan saw this cake online and really had his heart set on it. My sweet friend, Nicole, did a fabulous job and Brennan squealed when he saw it.
Shark fin and life preserver cupcakes
I made some signs for the party since the park we had it at is a little hard to see from the road.
My 1st attempt at doing water bottle labels, and I think they turned out pretty cute.
Shark tooth candy necklaces
Shark gummies
Swedish Fish

I'm not sure if you can see, but Dustin cut shark bites out of the sandwiches

I made some shark infested jello...these were a big hit!
Close up of the shark fin jello

Shark fruit snacks


Cassie said...

Found this post through pinterest. Just wanted to say that you have cute ideas and thank you for sharing! Love the shark themed food! Hope you guys had an amazing time celebrating.

Holly said...

I found this through pintrest and I have to say I love all your ideas. we did one last year and it was so much fun!

Emily said...

I also discovered you via pinterest...great photos! Thank you for sharing your super creative ideas. I thought my husband and I were the only ones (crazy enough) to celebrate Shark Week. Happy to learn otherwise. :)

tonya pirrone said...

Awsome ideas! What did you use for the shark fin in the jello?

Kelly said...

*Tonya I ordered this shark fin mold off of Amazon and used black cherry jello to create the fin

Unknown said...

I found this through Pinteret as well - planning a shark party for my youngest 2nd birthday and just happens to be named Brennan also. :-) Thank you for the great ideas.

Courtney said...

Love, Love,Love... I am planning a Shark party for my son in july and love this post! Where did you fine the shark fruit snacks?

Kelly said...

Courtney: I found the fruit snacks at Kroger grocery store. They were store brand. Amazon had some name brand ones, but were sold out when I needed them.

Andrea Brauer said...

Where did you find the shark candy necklaces?

About the Home said...
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About the Home said...

The necklaces came from Oriental Trading Company: