Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A few prayer requests...

First prayer request is for my sanity. lol Brandt is with my inlaws this week so I just have the younger 2. Brayden is very sad about that, and so I have been trying to do something special with him everyday this week to make it easier on him. Today is the $1 kids movie in town, so I took Bryson over to the daycare and had a mommy date with Brayden. I splurged and bought him the kidpack with a piece of candy, popcorn, and drink which I NEVER do! This the 1st time I have ever bought anything from the concession stand, but I wanted it to be special for him. So we watch the whole movie and the last 30 minutes or so he sat in my lap and snuggled. It was so good, then fast forward to about 2 minutes before it was over. He is sitting in my lap and it is dark so I can't see him very well, but he does something near his nose. Now if you had any other child, but one of MINE you would think nothing of it. However, I am now petrified that something has yet again gone into his nose. I take him outside where he tells me he thinks he put a popcorn kernel in his nose. You think!?! Aren't you 3, shouldn't you know if you did or not? Now this is his 3rd time he put one in his nose, not to mention Brandt has done it 2 times himself. Before I was able to get it out, but I can't even see it now. So did he or did he not? I wrestled with that all day and finally took him in to the ENT at 4:15 this afternoon. He can't see anything, but it is swollen, red, and the mucous is doing something funny. lol He is pretty certain it is in there, but there is no way to get it out without surgery. SURGERY!!!! Again, on my poor baby that doesn't do anesthesia well. What do I need to do to get into them NOT to put things in their body parts? They know it, they tell me it, but then they do it anyway. I am so frustrated with that I can't even tell you. So now we will be in surgery in the morning spending more money that we do not have on another dense Vaughn boy moment. UGH!!! I was so angry today and frustrated that I spanked him and yelled at him. Please pray that God would show me how to handle it better next time, because I am sure there will be a next time, and today was not one of my finer moments as mommy. I know one day I will find this humorous, but today is so not that day!!! A praise to this is our friend that usually watches Bryson in an emergency is out of town and when I was talking to my Mom about it she volunteered to drive down here from Austin tomorrow by 7:30 am to help me. I didn't even think about asking her, so it was a tremedous help for her to be able to come, since Dustin just started a new job and is feeling overwhelmed he no longer will need to miss a day of work.

Another prayer request I have involves the orphanage we have been going to in Acuna. The 2 directors of the orphanage desperately need a break. They need time to rekindle their marriage and to recharge their batteries. Imagine taking care of 30+ orphans plus 3 of your own and not having a break/vacation in over 16 years. They are needing a few people to go down there for 2 weeks the end of July and help with the orphanage so they can get away. I want to go so badly, but I need prayer that God will show me if that is my will or His. I love those children, and I am very anxious to go spend more time with them. If I am meant to go down there than He would need to provide childcare for my kiddos. My mil is having knee replacement surgery on July 2nd (another prayer request) so there is no way they will be able to watch the kids. Then my parents are trying to lease their house out and can't commit, because they might need to be working on the house or showing it. They need to know quickly if I am going or not, and I can't commit without having a place for my kiddos. The only thing I know for sure is I have them signed up for the Thursdays out at church from 9-1:30 and Dustin will be here in the evenings, but I think 2 weeks of all 3 kids by himself would be too much to ask. I don't think I could handle all the bedtime routines by myself for 2 straight weeks, I think he would come home to find a loon. lol So right now, I can't see how it would work out, so that would be a sign if childcare fell into place. I just need God's wisdom in this.


Nicole said...

Ok, once again, find that bubble, put him in it & go take a nap!!!!! SORRY!

Lindsey said...

Hey girl! How did the surgery go? I keep checking for an update!!

Oh, and just fly those boys up here to Seattle! I'll watch them! LOL! Wish I was there so I could help for some of the time!