Tuesday, June 26, 2007

My Baby is growing up!!!

Bryson has done everything so much earlier than his brothers. He is all boy and on the go all the time. Brandt spoke very well very young, but Bryson is even earlier than that. He is a sponge and repeats everything. He uses 2-4 words together all the time. Tonight he and Brayden were taking a bath and he kept taking a toy and saying "here you go" and giving him whatever. He tells me what he wants, thinks, etc. I am so blown away by his speech that I have to step back and remember he is only 19 months. He is much larger that Brandt was at 2 and is almost as big as Brayden was at 2, and he is still 5 months younger. It wouldn't surprise me if Bryson at 2 is as big as Brandt was at 3. He is wild crazy, but he gives lots of great hugs and kisses. He has started developing a great sense of humor and is laughing all the time.

Yesterday morning I was a sleep and I heard someone in the other room. I thought it was Brayden talking to the cartoons on tv (he woke up before Dustin left for work so he got him milk and turned on the tv for him). It never happens that he is still here so it was fantastic to get to sleep a little longer. The 2nd time I heard it I thought that it sounded like Bryson. I got up and Bryson was at the gate at the top of the stairs. He had climbed out of his crib. Yesterday at nap I put him in bed and shut the door. Sure enough, after nap he climbed out and was banging on the door...I had shut the door to his room this time. I put him back and asked him to show me how he got out. He immediately went to the corner and put his leg on the top and pulled himself over. No good! I woke him up this morning to go to church and he was still alseep, but at nap time he climbed back out. So tonight we converted his crib to a toddler bed. It actually went pretty well. He was so excited and would climb in and then jump out. When I told him it was bed time and to lay down he cried for about 5 minutes, but actually stayed in his bed and went to sleep. That is exactly what he does in his crib. I am sure praying he goes to nap that easy tomorrow.

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