Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Picture Overload...

You are looking at the face of the newest Vaughn family member. Smokey still hasn't come home, but we are still praying hard for him to return. I am devestated to think he might be gone. My parents are moving to the country as soon as their house leases and are going to take our cat Cassie with them. She is a great outside cat, and is really sweet to adults, but she is not fond of our dog or our kids. lol She hasn't really hurt the kids, but I don't trust her with them either.

So now we need a name for the kitten. I know this sounds terrible, but I can tell a girl cat vs a boy cat, but it is really hard to tell in kittens. So I am not sure if it is a she or a he yet. So any great names?

There is a place in Austin the boys get their haircut, and if you do a good job they put colored gel in your hair. When my nephews were here we took them to get a hair cut, and they asked for colored gel. They didn't have any, but my mom went to Sally's and bought some. So we came home and I colored their hair.

Dustin said he is practicing to be a macaw for halloween. lol

This is Brandt with his hair colored, but we were out on the boat so the wind had blown most of it out by then.

We went with a big group to the Children's musuem in Waco. Bryson was 1st scared of this bear, but after seeing a friend get on he decided he wanted to as well. His face still looks scared, but everytime I took him down he cried and tried to climb back on.
At the children's musuem they had a cool bubble maker. You get on and pull a string and try to get the bubble over your head. The boys all really enjoyed it.
Getting closer...
Got it!!!


brickmomma said...

awesome pictures!! and a new kitty?!?!?!?!?! Oh my!

I will ask Bean what she thinks the name should be....

Lindsey said...

All I have to say is:

"SIC 'EM BEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I think you may have a future Baylor Bear on your hands!! Hee hee!!

Anonymous said...

Callie asked if whe was born that way!? :) Nicole