Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Another Angel in Heaven!

This afternoon Dustin's grandfather went home to be with the Lord. Yes, the grandfather who we just got back from Minneapolis from seeing. We hadn't seen him since Christmas and with the new baby coming we knew we wouldn't be able to see them until next Christmas, so we decided to make the trek. We left on Friday afternoon, and we got a call Monday he wasn't feeling well. Then a call early Tuesday they had taken him to the hospital and he had pneumonia. I just praise God we were just able to spend a wonderful week with them. We were able to take him to do all the things he loved that he hadn't been able to in over 2 years. He had pizza, a hamburger, Applebees, and breakfast at Perkins. The boys had a great time with him, and I am glad he is no longer suffering. I have no idea when the funeral will be, or even if we will be able to make it, since it is cross country and we just went. it is not a cheap trip, and financially I just don't see how it could work. We'll leave this in God's hands and if we are suppose to be there He will provide a way. Dustin even said he was so glad we just spent the week, and would have picked a week with him over the funeral any day. Here are a few pics from our trip. Please keep his wife Dora in your prayers, they had been married well over 60 years, and their 3 children: Yvonne, Karen, and Linda.

Brandt coming in and seeing him the 1st time.

Brayden's turn

Even Bryson wanted in on the action

His grandpa has a huge stash of candy, and he quickly discovered our boys sweet teeth. All week long this is the scene that was replayed over and over again in their living room.

This was Friday, right as we were leaving. This was the last picture taken.


brickmomma said...


so glad you guys made the trip. last nov we went to visit john's great aunt who was in her 90s. she passed away in feb abd we were so thankful to have seen her before we were only able to go to a funeral.

glad y'all made the trip!

Nicole said...

WOW. Proud of yall for making the trip. You know his grandmohter appreciated it too. What memories.

Laura Brittain said...

What priceless, precious pictures. Those are worth the trip and SO thankful if you could make only one trip, you were able to make the one that really counted ... he was here to enjoy your family. We are thinking of you during this time. He looked like a fun, sweet man. Glad he is in paradise today with Jesus. What a blessed man!