Monday, October 1, 2007


Last night after Cubbies we went to eat dinner with a friend and his son. We went to the Wendy's that is attached to the gas station at WJB and Hwy 6. After we ate and we were walking back to the car a police officer walked up holding his baton. Brandt said "look a police officer", but the cop didn't respond at all. Most cops are extremely friendly to kids, so I thought that was weird and watched him. He walked in the gas station and locked the door behind him. At this point I was very intrigued about what was going on. The clerk was on the phone, and he had his hand on his hip, but I couldn't tell if it was his gun or not. The cop then got on the phone, and I am really perplexed about what is going on now. We are all in the van, but my window is rolled down and we are talking to our friend. 2 more cops show up, and one comes over to us and checks us out and then ask if we know anything about the robbery that just happened. That explains everything! How freaky is that, the gas station was robbed while we ate 10 feet away. I am just so thankful no one was hurt, and the robber stayed in the gas station, and didn't come into Wendys. Could you imagine the nightmares my kids would have had over that (not to mention myself). Ugh! I hope they find whoever did it!

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brickmomma said...

oh my goodness~~

gld you were all ok!