Monday, September 24, 2007

God is good!

We put the boys to bed, and Brandt came up with about every known excuse to get out of bed. He came and told us the laundry room was making water noises. We told him to get in bed, and went and looked. Sure enough there was water everywhere. With some investigating we determined the light fixture was FULL of water. Praise God there wasn't a fire, or we weren't electrocuted when we turned the light on. We got that off, and turned all the water off in the upstairs bathroom. However, it was still leaking heavily. We decided to get our neighbor, Mr Armstrong, did I also mention he is my boss :o) . Can you believe he had the same issue at his house LAST week, so he knew what to look for. Unfortunately, his wasn't caught quickly and was a huge disaster. He went straight to our A/C vent upstairs and voila! It is filled with water and leaking. So they are up there trying to fix the problem without ruining the drywall downstairs. Can you believe the drywall was completely dry still...completely a God thing! Brandt caught it almost immediately from when it started. Who knows how long this is going to take, but I am so thankful we found the problem and Rob knows what to do since he just fixed his. Could you imagine if Brandt hadn't notified us and the drywall came crashing down in the middle of the night? It would have really really freaked me out. Please pray this goes quickly and smoothly.


brickmomma said...


yay for brandt!

Laura Brittain said...

Don't you feel terrible when you get onto them about something, and then you realize they are making a good point or are right. :o) Go Brandt! He is such a smart little boy.