Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Sorry for the lull in posts

It just seems each day is about the same with nothing really to post about. I spend all morning shuffling and trying to get the kids where they need to go, sometimes in 3 different directions and then rush to school in time for my 1st class. I am a little stressed about how to get the younger boys picked up on Tuesday and Thursdays. I was a dork and put them across town where they get out at 3, and I can't get to them until 3:45 or so. Dustin left work at 2:30 to get them by 3 today and barely made it (you literally can not get any further apart in town that Dustin's work and their Mother's Day Out). His boss was not to excited about the idea of him needing to do this twice a week every week. So now I am left scrambling again. I could get them at my lunch break, but they wouldn't reduce the tuition and then I would have to pay Fit for Kids for those hours, and I have already paid. We are already stretching our childcare budget, and that just isn't in the cards (imagine how little teachers get paid, and divide that by 2, and that is about how much private school teachers make). Don't get me wrong, I love my job, I love that I have Brandt in my class twice a week, I love that they not only allow but stronly encourage me to participate in fieldtrips, etc. All in all I am thrilled with our decision, the next few years until all our kids are a Brazo Christian will just be challenging to say the least.

I called and Brayden will start speech again with Mrs Jones starting Friday. It will be for 30 minutes at 7:30. Last year I would have croaked at 7:30, but this year it works great, because I can drop him off, then run Brandt to school, then come back and get him, then take Bryson to fit for kids, then take Brayden onto Central. I will be pooped by the time I get back to school, but it will be worth it if it can help him catch up with his speech. He is still nowhere near the other kids, but he is getting easier and easier to understand.

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brickmomma said...

I totally got all he said today exceot for maybe once! He is doing great!