Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Texas A&M vs Miami game

I thought this looked like a lot of fun:

What: Texas A&M vs. Miami football game televised at Kyle Field
Where: North-east corner of stadium ("the ZONE" seating) - game will be shown on the jumbo-tron.
When: Game starts at 6:45, gates should open around 6:15-ish,
Admission: Free (Concessions available)


brickmomma said...

now its just for students.... :(

Lindsey said...

You know I'm looking forward to next week's game!! I already know who will win, but it's fun all the same! Some of our good friends up here are Aggies. They've bought the whole season of Aggie games on pay-per-view or whatever it is, and we're going to their house to watch the game. Fun, fun!!

Laura Brittain said...

I "sounded" like fun, huh? Until we played so AWFUL! :o) I don't know why we Aggies think it is ever going to have a different outcome when we play on national TV!!! We'll keep watching and rooting for them, though! We've been watching the Aggies win and loose in our family since 1953! Gig 'em!