Monday, September 10, 2007

Is this not the cutest pregnancy tummy ever?

Well we couldn't hide it any longer. I had to get out my maternity clothes last night, because my regular pants are just too uncomfortable! We told my boss today, who was thrilled for us. So tonight we told the boys and took them to McDonalds to celebrate. Brayden jumped up & down and yelled yay! Brandt was a little more subdued, but I heard him lean over to Bryson and tell him we were going to have a new baby. He has said how excited he is and happy he is to have a new baby. He then was talking about his sister. We kept telling him it could be a boy, and he said he knew, but he thinks it is a girl so that is why he said it. lol

A really funny story: we got home and Brandt asked how we were going to get a new baby, were we going to adopt. I told him no I had a baby in my tummy, and he wanted to know how I knew. I said see how my tummy is bigger, that is how we know. He said well how do you know that is a baby and not food! lol I about died laughing.

Anyway, we ran by Motherhood Maternity tonight to see if they had any cheap shirts I could wear to work (since I have a ton of t-shirts, but not a lot of work appropriate shirts. Brayden saw those tummy pillows they have so you can see what the clothes will fit like when you get bigger. He put it on, and he has to be the cutest little pregnancy tummy I have ever seen!


Laura Brittain said...

That is a precious picture! Such a sweet little face. I'm so happy for yall. That is exactly how we felt about three. We always felt like we would be a complete family when we had three. Looking forward to meeting your sweet baby #4. :o)

brickmomma said...

that boy!!!

emilybmyers said...

You guys need to come visit us since we are so close! Congrats also. I just came across some Maternity shirts (mostly long sleeved button up) that I wore when I was pregnant with Molly and teaching. You are welcome to try them out!

Anonymous said...

He's going to make a beautiful mother some day!!! ;-)