Saturday, September 8, 2007

Happy Late Birthday to my baby!

Brandt turned 5 last Friday on the 31st. He had his birthday party this morning at the swimming pool. It was a lot of fun, and it is so hard to believe he is already 5! Where did the time go? He is such a little boy now, he is really growing up. He surprises us daily with all that he knows. He is loving school. Here is a video I made for Brandt.
ep, that is right! We are expecting baby number four in early May. I go to the dr in another week and a half, and hopefully will get an exact due date then. We are very excited, and yes this baby was planned and already very loved. I have had several rough days where I just feel terrible. Hopefully that will ease up, but I am afraid it is just starting, since I am almost 6 weeks. We haven't told the boys yet, because I know Brandt will tell everyone at school, and I am not ready to tell my boss yet. lol I am hoping to wait to closer to 12 weeks before we tell them, but I am afraid I will start showing sooner and have to tell. We showed the video to our family while they were here for the party, and I loved their expressions. I think they are excited, I am sure some think we are crazy. We have always agreed that we would have 4, but after having the boys so close in age it made us second guess ourselves. Dustin and I each came to each other and felt like our family wasn't complete, after we had been discussing being done. We knew God was telling us that our family wasn't yet complete. Boy or girl, this will be it, and our family will be complete.


Amanda said...

Great video! Congrat on the new baby Vaughn, how exciting!! Kids are so much fun!

brickmomma said...

I did it!!!!!

whew,.......that was hard!

love the video, there are some really great shots!

love you guys!

momofnolens said...

Wow! How exciting! Maybe I can join you in late May. Of course, I have said that for 18 months, but I hope that it is true this month. I will let you know in a couple of weeks. Congratulations!

Nicole said...

Congrats!!!! That video was GREAT! how fun.