Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A few celebrities in the family...

This past Saturday we drove to my parents' house and went and watched them light the town tree and let the boys see Santa. Well the boys made the front page of the Lexington Leader today. If you scroll all the way down you'll see it, it is not the best picture, but hey they made the paper. lol

Another member of our family was also in the paper today:
We have had an unusual run with cats over the past year and a half. We had never owned a cat before, but when we moved to our house last year we have woods behind us. Brandt was sad about leaving his old house, so we got 2 wonderfully, amazing kittens for outside. I have never seen a better cat as either of these 2. They were brothers and raised by a family with small children. When we bathed them the 1st time they were so docile, my mother thought they had something wrong with them. Nope, just that sweet. Last fall, a stray cat came on our property and one of our kittens got into a fight with it. It wasn't a major one, but 2 days later and $500 later we lost him. His stomach had been punctured and it had filled with bacteria, and the vets were unable to help him. We were devestated, and the boys instisted our other cat would be very lonely without his brother, so we found another kitten at the animal shelter. We started keeping both cats inside over night and out to play during the day. After around 8 months, the kitten we got at the shelter decided she didn't like the litter box, no matter how clean it was, and would go on the floor right next to it. So she became a 100% outside cat, while Smokey still came inside 1/2 the time. This summer, we went to visit my parents for a weekend, and when we got home Smokey was gone. Cassie (our shelter cat) was still there, but we have not seen Smokey since then. He was a family member and extremely missed. Since then the boys have frequently talked about how much they miss the cats and how sad they are. Now we still have the outside cat, and she lets them pet her, but they can't hold her and cuddle like with Smokey or Rascal. Plus she is amazing at killing rodents and small snakes that she is our outside cat for good now. So for Christmas their grandparents bought them a new kitten from the animal shelter. Dustin and I went for several days without the boys looking to find just the right one. We found him on Monday afternoon, but because he was a stray he had a 72 hour wait period to allow the owners to come looking for him. His time was up yesterday and we went and signed all the papers. When we got there they told us the Eagle had taken pictures of him and he would be in the paper today. He is at the vet this morning getting fixed, and we get to bring him home tonight.

If you have today's Eagle he is on the front page of the Region section. Otherwise, here he is on the online version:

Brandt wanted to name him Rudolph since he got him for Christmas, and Brayden wants to name him Sheepy Sheep. According to the article his name is Jingles. Hopefully, by tonight we'll have a name nailed down.


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Saw that cat.....cute!