Friday, July 11, 2008

What cute cows

Today at Chick-fil-a if you dressed like a cow they gave you a free meal. So I found these printouts on their website and cut spots from construction paper and we went to Chick-fil-a. I had a few extra spots so the kids put those on Dustin's shirt and the kids loved it. They have been playing "cows" since we got home, and Brayden asked the lady at Chick-fil-a if she thought he was a real cow as he wiggled his tail. She told them she thought for a minute she was in a pasture of cows and they giggled. They gave each of the boys a free kids meal with fruit (they asked if they wanted 4 or 6...for the same price we will take 6 lol). Then they gave Dustin a free sandwich for his spots. I also had a coupon for a free Chick-fil-a sandwich and a coupon for a free 8 piece nugget when you buy a large soft drink (love the calendars and that they take expireds). Anyway our whole dinner was $1.55 plus tax (for the soft drink) and we saved over $20!!! We didn't do this last year, but will have to do it again next year for sure.

Aren't these some of the cutest cows you have ever seen?


Kathleen said...

Too cute!!

Quiltermama said...

Lovin' those little cows!!!


staceykingman said...

Yes, they are!! Very cute!

Becky said...

How fun! Hate I was gone and we missed out!

Alison said...

LMBO!!! They look so stinkin cute Kell. We did this! I am a Chick-Fil-A junkie...ask Lindsey!LOL...Catherine had a make shift cow costume and Cassidy wore a white tshirt with black spots spray painted on it(much to her dislike,lol) but hey food is FREE food! How the heck can you beat a $1.55 for 5 people? Luv ya honey~

brickmomma said...

So great!!!

SOrry we missed the ice cream social, glad you guys had fun.

I loved sitting next to that sweet baby yesterday morning!!