Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Poor baby!

Poor Brayden got poked in the eye really hard at school today. The wild child in their class went to hug another student and clocked Brayden square in the eye. I saw his class around 9:30 and his aide asked if I had seen his eye. I told her no, and when he turned around it looked fine. So I thought it was no big deal. Fast forward to 2:45 and then his teacher comes to tell me his eye is red and swollen and he doesn't want to leave the ice pack on. So she brought him to me and he stayed the rest of the 45 minutes in my class with the high schoolers. His eye was so red, and swollen and he was squinting really bad. I called my friend that is an eye doctor and she thought he needed to be seen today. So we made an appointment and off we went. As he was getting out of the car at the dr the bright light was hurting it so he closed his eyes and misjudged and fell out of the car and hit his chin on the car. So I got to carry him all the way inside and up to the second floor...man he is getting really heavy! Well turns out she scratched his cornea. It is not bad enough for a patch, but he does need a prescription eye drop 4 times a day for 5 days and a follow-up appointment on Friday. So because this other child is wild and careless we get to spend $75 between the 2 doctor appointments and Rx and Brayden is pretty miserable. Thankfully, he should be much better by Friday.


Emily said...

Poor Brayden!! PLEASE tell me it wasn't Molly...if so I'll foot the bill. Feel better soon Bradyen!

brickmomma said...