Thursday, January 8, 2009

Christmas...just a little late!

Whew, it has been crazy around here, and I am just now getting Christmas pictures up. We had a really nice Christmas. We spent Christmas morning at our house and Dustin's parents drove over early so they were here by the time the boys woke up. At our house we give each of the boys 3 gifts to symbolize the 3 gifts the wise men brought. Then Santa brings one big gift to all 4 boys. This year Santa brought them a Wii, several games, and some accessories. They have been LOVING it, and it is really fun family time (and we have had several friends over for dinner and it has been a hit with all of them as well). I buy most of the boys presents throughout the year when they are on clearance, and I love it because it allows us to do more for them then we would otherwise be able to do.

The boys' pjs came from the M&M World Store in Las Vegas. They are hard to see, but they are solid colored with a M&M on the front. They didn't have any just like them in Brennan's size, so he got a slightly different striped set. I think they are a cute souvenir from our trip, and the boys have been wearing those almost every washer is getting tired of seeing them. haha
Brandt opening a huge Lego set. He LOVES Legos, they are by far his favorite thing. He is unbelievable at them as well. This set has 434 pieces and is for 7-14 year olds. He completed it by himself in less than 2 hours. He very carefully follows the directions, and counts each lego to make sure it is exactly the right one. We also gave him a remote control transformer, and a Star Wars Transformer with Hans Solo and Chewy (his favorite character).
Brayden loves Webkinz and asked for several of them. In fact, he said "I want Webkinz for Christmas, and more than one please". lol He ended up with 3: 2 dogs and a cat. We gave him a Furreal parrot, a nerf transformer gun, and a L-Max Leapster.
Bryson was much more tame then we thought he would be. He also listened very well, and stacked his gifts together as he opened them. In fact I asked him to "go sit it on top of his pile". I was referring to him stacking a toy, and when I turned around he was sitting on his pile of toys waiting for me to tell him what to do next. lol We got him a Leapster, Diego Aquadoodle, and several Geo Trax sets.
Triple Trouble!!! Dustin's parents bought the boys A&M jerseys, and they had to put them on right away, and they wore them the rest of the day. Bryson especially wants to wear it as his shirt almost everyday.

After we finished opening presents, we drove the hour to my parents' house. My 2 younger sisters, my brother, brother-in-law, grandmother, 2 nephews, and 1 niece were also there.
My grandma bought Brennan this Santa hat and Baby's 1st Christmas bib and had his name put on it. He was not impressed at all with it, and was trying to yank it off his head.
He was a little more relaxed here, but still trying to get the hat didn't last long.
This is one of my favorite pictures. My sister was holding Brennan and he reached for my nephew's Clone Wars helmet. So they put it on him, and he sat there quietly with it on, and it was almost as big as he was.
This was the attempt at getting all 4 boys in a picture. Too bad not one of them is looking at me. lol
My "baby" sister Kim and Brennan. Man, he sure loves his thumb...I hope that won't be too hard to break him of.
Bridgett at Christmas, just over 3 weeks old.
What happens when you try to take a picture with 6 kids! Only my sis and oldest nephew are even looking. lol

After my parents' house we all drove the 20 minutes over to my aunt & uncle's house. A lot of my extended family was there, and I love getting to spend time with them. We do a mens and ladies gift exchange there since we never know how many or who all is going to show up. It is always fun to see what gets brought.
This is my oldest 3, my nephew, and my cousin. They were really swinging high.

I am little sad Christmas is over, it is by far my favorite time of the year. A time for celebrating our Lord Jesus Christ, and spending wonderful time with family and friends. Dustin and I both have off 2 weeks every year around Christmas time, and I always look forward to is the best 2 weeks.


Amanda said...

Loved reading about your Christmas. It's never too late to share pictures of those adorable boys! You've inspired to me blog about our Christmas today! :-)

brickmomma said...

Great pictures!!!!

I think you need to invite your long lost friends The Bricks over for some Wii time ;)

We do miss you guys!