Thursday, January 29, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Happy Valentine's Day! Ok, so I know I am a little early but I just created these online and wanted to share them. They aren't going to pass them out, but I thought they would be cute for their scrapbooks.

A few praises, because I serve an awesome and wonderful God:
I had gestational diabetes with 2 of the 4 pregnancies, and a 3rd was borderline (the last one was insulin dependent), so I have to be checked every year to make sure I haven't developed regular diabetes. I have a cut on the bottom of my foot, and have had it for almost 1 1/2 years. I had convinced myself I had diabetes (a sore on the foot that will not heal is one of the #1 symptoms). I finally decided I needed to know one way or the other and denial wouldn't help anything. So I went and got tested, and after an extremely long 4 day wait I found out I do NOT have diabetes! WOO HOO! Now we just have to figure out how to get the cut to heal.
Also this week, Dustin's dad was having some pains and went to the ER on Sunday. They ran all kinds of tests and ended up keeping him through Wednesday afternoon. He does have a blockage in his heart, but his body created its own bypass and he does not need surgery to fix it. What a major praise!
A few prayer requests:
The last 2 weeks we have been hit with a major sick bug (or several). Everyone has been sick, just feeling yuck with high fevers. Thankfully, not more than 2 of us have been sick at a time, but it is dragging on. As soon as 1 person gets better another gets sick. We even got the family the boys stay with during the day involved. Now Dustin is sick, and I leave on Sunday to go to a conference in Austin for the entire week. Please pray that he gets to feeling better, that no one else gets sick, and that the Lord would work out all the little details of juggling 4 kiddos and work and school schedules while I am gone.

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