Friday, July 17, 2009

Whew, what a week!

I had been feeling good after my surgery, and actually wasn't even taking Tylenol. I was released to pick up the kids on Wednesday, one week after surgery. Then on Thursday I started hurting when I walked or moved, and thought it was strange, but I wasn't red or running a fever. By Friday I was in extreme pain and could hardly move. In fact, I had to call Dustin home from work 2 1/2 hours early, because I couldn't take care of Brennan. I called my doctor's nurse and she said since I didn't have a fever or chills or any other sign of infection I was ok. Saturday we picked Brandt up from camp and Bryson wanted to go to the store with my mom. So Dustin put a car seat in their truck, and then misjudged coming out and ended up falling and spraining his ankle and it was immediately huge and black. My mom had to drive us the the ER since we were both in so much pain neither of us could drive. Thankfully, his ankle wasn't broken, but he couldn't put any weight on it and is on crutches. Since I was in such severe pain I couldn't hold the baby and Dustin was now on crutches we had to go stay with my parents for the weekend so they could help with the kids. By Saturday night I started getting red, and I developed a fever and the chills. So Sunday morning I went to urgent care and I started oozing from the surgical site. They told me I had an infection and put me on a Rx. I was told I should feel lots better the next day and I needed to follow up with my surgeon the next day. Even after taking the Rx I was getting worse. The pain never eased even when I was perfectly still Sunday evening and started oozing on the other site on Monday. I called the surgeon's office and they wanted us to drive to Temple ( 1 1/2 hrs away) that afternoon. When we got there the very experienced nurse looked at me and said that she was sending me to see my surgeon because in all of her years she had never seen this before. My surgeon decided to admit me to the hospital for IV antibiotics since I should be better, and certainly shouldn't be getting worse on the Rx. So I was admitted Monday evening in Temple and to complicate matters I was in the middle of teaching a technology camp at school that I could not cancel. Thankfully, Dustin stepped up to the plate and took sick leave and filled in for me while I was gone. I was finally released Thursday evening after 9 Heparin shots in the tummy, 12 rounds of IV antibiotic, and 10 rounds of the super daddy of antibiotics (it takes over 2 hrs to administer). I got home around 9:45 last night. I am finally better, but still have infections and drainage. The hope is that I am good enough that the oral antibiotics will do the trick now. Dustin is still on crutches, and still in a lot of pain. He leaves tomorrow for a week long work trip to Rhode Island and I have the 2nd and final technology camp. Hopefully, Dustin won't have too hard of a time in the airport with crutches. Boy, it has been quite the week.

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stephtowns said...

Oh my gosh, Kelly! If there is anything that Patrick and I can do to help, please let us know.