Friday, July 10, 2009


Today was Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-fil-A. If you dressed like a cow the kids got a free kids meal and parents got a free meal. We did this last year as well, and you can read it HERE. Brandt will be sad that he missed it, he had a lot of fun last year. Dustin and I also put on white shirts and taped on spots. The lady from Chick-fil-A took our family picture, but I didn't think to have her take one with my camera. Maybe it will end up in the store where I can get a copy.

Note to self: put spots on your jeans as well. We did last year just by chance and got free combos. This year I only added them to the top, so Dustin and I only got a free entree. We were both too tired to go to the car to get more spots. lol So we drank water, and we didn't need fries anyway, right?!? They did end up letting the kids each get a 6 piece nugget for free, so the entire meal cost us $1.10 (we got each of the kids fruit instead of fries) and we saved almost $16. Plus they each traded in their toy and got a free ice cream cone as well.

Brayden & Bryson
This year even Brennan participated. However, I decided not to push my luck and only put 1 spot on him and the ears, which he left remarkably alone. I was going to change him into blue jean shorts as well, but with as rough as I was feeling I decided they would have to be ok with plaid ones. lol this time Bryson had already taken all of his cow items off.


Lindsay said...

Very cute! I totally forgot about this and we even went to Chick Fil A on Friday too. Maybe next time... Glad you got all that food for a dollar, nice job!!

Carrie said...

You guys crack me up!! Those pictures are way too cute!!!!!