Friday, October 30, 2009

Funny Friday

My kids are being total hams today. Here are just a few examples...

I gave them each a pack of stackers fruit snacks made by Betty Crocker. They proceeded to lick them and stick them on themselves.
Bryson AKA Crazy Guy
Brayden AKA Luigi
Brandt AKA Mario
We do not usually have any soda in the house except regular coke. Cherry 7Up was on sale at the grocery store last week so I brought some home. Brayden (who is 5) asked me what it was and then got this really sad look on his face. He said "so I can't have any, because I am not 7".

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Emily said...

Ha ha...Brayden was doing this same thing with his fruit snacks on Wednesday at school when Geoff and I ate lunch with Molly!!