Monday, October 12, 2009

"Not Me!" Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I have certainly not been so lazy that I have not done a "Not Me!" Monday post in well over a month. I am very diligent and do not ever let my blog slide. Bryson has not fallen in love with his football uniform and begged to wear every day for the last 2 weeks as witnessed in the below photo. I certainly wouldn't oblige and let him wear just to not be asked again for the millionth time. Nor has he cried and prayed for God to "fix" his broken shoulder pads every night for a week. I mean he knows that prayer is serious and he only asks for things of the up most importance...not for fixed shoulder pads.

I did not take both of the older boys to the dentist today by myself. I know they don't like the dentist, and neither do I. My stomach wasn't turning in knots the closer we got. I mean I am the mom, and I know this is what is best for them. I did not duck and pretend I didn't know which child it was when Brayden started screaming hysterically. He had done all his other appointments with an A+ and was stupendous so he certainly wouldn't have freaked out this time. Nor did I get my feelings hurt when I went back to comfort him, and he shoved me off. I mean I know him, and his personality. He is either sunshine or rain, and when he is upset there is no bringing him back to the normal side until he is good and ready so I didn't take it personally. I also did not get grossed out when Brandt showed me his new bloody hole where his tooth had just sat. I mean I have 4 boys, I see way grosser stuff than that. Nor did I scramble to make sure we had tooth fairy money for tonight. She is always well prepared. I also did not feed my children chocolate milkshakes for lunch after the dentist. That would not be nutritious at all.
I am also not biased and think I have absolutely the cutest cub scout that ever was. I mean all cub scouts are adorable, not just mine.
Last week I certainly didn't panic when I was making lunches one morning and Bryson yelled that Brennan had poop everywhere. I mean I never loose my cool. Never. When I got upstairs and found that he had pulled his pants off, unsnapped his onesie, and taken a completely clean and dry diaper off and proceeded to pee and poop all over his bed I certainly didn't visualize duck taping his diaper on him next time. Nor was I relieved that he had just walked all over it and not smeared it on the wall or himself like I feared. Then I certainly didn't just use a wipe and put his shoes on instead of giving him a bath. I am certainly way more a clean freak than that. Today my husband did not walk into the bathroom to find him sticking his hand in the potty that his brother had peed in and forgotten to flush or put the seat down, I mean that only happens to my friend Carrie.


Carrie said...

Ha! Ha! Sorry...I suspect Ellie may have been secretly teaching Brennan bad things while I wasn't looking!

Kathleen said...

So exciting that he's doing cub scouts! Where did you all end up finding a pack for him? Have fun! Jake has really loved it.

Kathleen said...

Oh, and Jake LIVED in his spiderman pajamas for at least a year -- from age 3 to about 4.5. We didn't let him wear them out (mainly b/c they had holes in them from so much wear) but if we were home, that's what he had on. I cannot tell you how many sets of those we went through. I would scour ebay trying to find identical sets in larger sizes. Such a great age!

Nic said...

What some very handsome boys! God Bless