Friday, January 14, 2011

First tooth

Brayden had a very loose tooth yesterday that he couldn't get to come out. Well Brayden woke me up 1st thing this morning, very excited that it had come out. I asked Brayden what he thought the Tooth Fairy brought for lost teeth, and he said $.50. If the dentist has to pull your tooth you get $5. Not sure what the Tooth Fairy brings for a regular lost tooth though. What does the Tooth Fairy do at your house?

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Carrie said...

Our tooth fairy leaves Mason one dollar. Of course, we only have one child in the "teeth losing" phase right now, and he's only lost two in the past year, so it doesn't cause our tooth fairy to break the bank. We might rethink that though if we had multiple children losing teeth at the same time. :)