Tuesday, March 20, 2007

100 Times!

100 Times is the number of times a DAY I tell my kids (especially my middle son), no they can't have anymore candy. He would eat nothing but candy if I would let him. He is sitting in my lap crying saying he 'is hungry really bad mom" while holding suckers. Does he think that is actually going to make me say, "hmm you should have more candy"? I asked if he wanted a granola bar and the answer was no, just suckers. I guess you aren't that hungry then, huh. It drives me nuts. They must hide it when they get some so they have a "stash", because they are always bringing me some that I know I didn't buy. Normally it is funny, but today I think I am going to scream if I see 1 more piece or hear 1 more whiney, lame reason why they need it. Aww, the joys of motherhood I guess. My mom tells me it is payback, because she says I was the same way, and my 1st sentence was more candy, more gum.