Sunday, March 18, 2007

Our Spring Break...

Dustin and I went on our 1st ever Mission Trip. We went to Mexico, right across the border, to Acuna. Most of Acuna are single moms whose husbands take them to the border with the promise that they will come to the US and send $ and then come get them. In reality, they meet new women in the US and abandon their wives in Mexico. Prostitution is very high there, and the orphanage we went to had pushing 30 kids, the vast majority abandened by their mothers. We built 4 little houses (and I mean little 10x12) and 1 buidling that had 2 bathrooms and 1 kitchen to house some single moms with their kids. When they go to work in the factories, then their kids will be taken care of by the orphange. The lifestyle over there is amazing. These houses were so much nicer than most of what these people had. Here is a house that is directly across from the orphange.

We didn't get 100% done with these little casitas, but there were 2 other groups coming behind us to finish. They need to be painted, and some finishing touches put on. We only worked for 3 days, and we started at square one, I was shocked how much we got done.
I hurt my back after the 1st day, I have a really bad back, so it was just acting up. So I spent a lot of time with the kids at the orphange. I was so amazed at how wonderful all the kids were. They had to be the best behaved set of kids I have ever seen. They loved just to be hugged on and loved on. If I could, I would have taken this 1 little girl home. I absoultely love her, and I am so grateful this group goes every 3 months, because I already miss her and can't wait to go back. Her name is Dulce, and she has to be the sweetest/cutest little thing.
When we got ready to leave these kids blocked the gate and were saying "No va" or don't go. They melted my heart and I couldn't help but cry. I came back with a few pieces of Mexican candy for the boys, some souveneir cokes, and a changed heart.

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JoCa said...

Man, I wish I would have been able to be at mops and hear about your spring break. That little girl is so cute! It is awesome to see how the Lord has used you and how He is changing your heart.
Sarah Campbell