Thursday, February 14, 2008

Awesome Deals

I am too lazy to take pictures, but I did write it all out...mostly for myself. lol Yesterday I decided I better go to the store and get a few quick meal things and a few breakfast items and came back with the following:

(10) Banquet meals-not overly healthy but great for Dustin to take to work when he is super busy (like right now)
(6) Totinos Pizza Rolls
(4) Fuze bottled drinks
6 pack of regular Pediasure
(4) Dial handsoaps
(4) Ragu spaghetti sauce

My total: $17, I saved over $34

(13) Sweet Harvest Oatmeal
(3) Quaker Breakfast bar
(8) Captain Crunch Cereal
(2) Aunt Jemima Pancake mix
(3) Quaker Oatmeal box of packets
(4) Quaker granola bars
(2) Life Cereal
4 pounds ($2.21) of incredibly overpriced bananas, but the kids had to take that to MDO today

My total: $14.50, I saved over $116.40!!! That is including the bananas and I didn't have a coupon for the granola bars.

7 pounds of Purina Cat Chow
Pedigree Jumbone 2 pack
Pedigree Package of Dentastix

My total: $3, I saved over $11.30

They were out of what I went to get, but I did manage to get 40 single sticks of string cheese for FREE!!! They would have been almost $10 and when we use 3 a day in lunches, they go quickly.

It is so hard to get a really good deal on groceries, so I was ecstatic...especially the Albertson's deals since we go through that stuff like crazy. I was able to give some to Bryson's home daycare that he goes to on MWF and help her out as well. I am bummed, because I am almost out of all the oatmeal type coupons I have, I think I have a few cereal ones left and that is all.

Total I spent $34.50 and saved over $171.70 and that was on items that we use and I would have bought anyway!!!

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erin said...

can you teach me how you do that? i need to learn to use coupons!