Sunday, February 3, 2008

We finally picked our nursery set

After many hours searching we have finally picked a nursery set. I saw this online and didn't love it. However, I finally saw it in person and fell in love with it. It is called Engine #9 by Kimberly Grant made by Kidsline. The colors and textures are really neat in person, but do not do it justice in pictures. So now we need to get ourselves in gear and start working on the nursery. The walls still have a ton of drywall work to be done, and then we will need to paint it. Then add an A/C outlet in the room (it is part of the room that we split and still doesn't have A/C). Then we will need to get decorations and turn the toddler bed back into a crib and after all that we will finally have his room ready. Now that we have the bedding, I am very anxious to get started.


Kathleen said...

Love it! That is so cute.

brickmomma said...

Very cute!!

Glad you found something you liked. My poor kiddos got nothin'.

Becky said...

I have seen this in person and it is so adorable!! Great choice! Sure the room will be so fun and very cute. Almost makes me want to do it again but.....not so much! :o)

Lindsey said...

Oh, I saw that one and the only reason I didn't pick it is b/c Ethan and Joshua's room is firetrucks! I love it though! It's very cute!

Sounds like you guys need to get to work on that nursery!! LOL!