Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A wonderful morning!

Our church has a great bible study on Tuesday mornings called Inneract. I joined when Bry was 2 months old, and love it. I couldn't do it last semester due to my new job, and I missed it. This semester I am able to go, just maybe not every week. So today was the 1st morning I got to go, and it was wonderful. It was so nice to be surrounded by friends and great chrisitan women. It did feel really strange to come in and not have to go to the nursery counter to sign in kids, since they were at Pre-K and Mother's Day Out already. I loved learning more about Eve, and thinking about things that I had not noticed before. It was a great way to feel rejuventated for the rest of the day. Boy did I need that. lol

I feel like I have grown 2 feet tummy wise, although I know I have not. All of my pants are making my tummy really uncomfortable. Maternity pants in general are just kind of clingy, but I can't stand anything touching my tummy. Then my feet and ankles have been swelling really badly, to the point that when I get off at 3:30 I can hardly walk to my car because they hurt so bad. I have to figure out some way to prop my feet up while at work, and that will hopefully help. To top it off Dustin has a killer past 2 weeks at work, and is still there as I type. He worked 7:30 am to 11 pm last night and took 1 hour off for lunch and 1 hour off for dinner. He has done the same today, and was hoping to get off around 11 pm as well. Sadly, he is salary, so he doesn't make an extra penny and does not get compensated with future time off. He thinks he will have to work even more tomorrow. Fun! I have actually done pretty well and even gave all 3 kids a bath by myself before I put them in bed tonight. The problem is I am so beat I am physically not able to do any housework. I tried this weekend, and ended up sweeping the living room sitting down before I gave up. So since Dustin is gone that means my house looks like a bomb went off, dirty dishes, dirty clothes, just stuff everywhere and forget doing the floors or bathrooms. I washed the boys sheets, but hurt too bad to try to put them back on. The boys thought it was real fun to sleep on sleeping bags the 1st night, but cried for their sheets tonight. My mom is coming tomorrow to pick Brayden up from preschool for me, so I already called her and begged her to at least put their sheets on tomorrow. She lives in a small town with no stores, so when she comes on Wednesdays she is usually running errands all day, and never makes it by the house. At least she has been forwarned. lol I actually really do love being pregnant, but this time has been so much harder than the rest. The kids are older, and are generally easier than when I was preggo before, so I am not exactly sure the reason. Even just sitting at the computer long enough to type this post, my right foot is a sleep and numb and swollen to mid calf again. I am starting to wonder if it could be a pinched nerve, because my right hand, hip, foot, and leg go numb all the time while my left does not. Anyone know what that might be?

We still haven't decided on a name. Dustin really likes one, but Brandt has been calling the baby the other one. He has been telling everyone we are naming our new baby ____________, telling stories about baby ________________. So who knows what we will end up with.


Becky said...

I am glad you got to be at Inneract. I am sorry you are having such a hard time!!!

Nicole said...

I was so enjoying the discussion in inneract on Tuesday when I had to slip out to nurse. Hopefully, our schedule will work out better next week! isnt Beth great! I was so glad to see you there! Hang in there. My 4th was my hardest at times. I had shingles!! UGH! You are going to have to keep your feet up and take tylenol. The reward at the end is worth it!!