Friday, January 11, 2008

23 week belly shot

I will be 24 weeks pregnant on Monday, wow how time is flying by.
The boys are all very excited about their brother coming now, they were a little disappointed at the beginning. We have nothing done for the baby yet, I mean NOTHING! I haven't even really looked for bedding, because the ones I have looked at I don't just love. I get each of our boys their own bedding set that is special to them. Brandt did transportation, Brayden did baseball, and Bryson did jungle animals. I am out of ideas for boys. lol So if you have any great ones I would love to see them. We are going to have to move Bry to the trundle under Brandt's bed, but I am just not ready to do that yet. We have most of the big items still from the other boys, we sold our swing so we'll need a new one, and our playpen has seen better days so we'll need another one of those so I don't have to run up and down the stairs all the time. Other than we really have all the big items. That is nice, not to mention we don't need too many clothes, I got rid of some after Bry so we'll need a little in each size, but overall we are good.

Our main thing is trying to finish updating our house before he gets here. With all the medical bills and crazy life things I just don't know how we'll swing it. Then to mention how to find the time, what to do with the kids while we are working, who can help Dustin since I don't think I could do much with my back acting up. We both have or have taken Spring Break off so we'll have 1 solid week to work and bust it as a last push before the baby comes a month later. Hopefully my MIL (who is a teacher so should have that week off) and my mom can watch the boys that week so we can get a ton done. Sure praying that works out.


momofnolens said...

My boy wants firetrucks! Maybe your new boy would love firetrucks, too. Or, how about a rodeo theme?

Laura Brittain said...

Cute picture, Kelly! :o) I did my boys' rooms in cowboy and it is really cute. You can do lots of cute things with that. I like Lora's firetruck idea, too.