Friday, January 4, 2008

A much better day

When I woke up this morning I was so sore and really hurting all the way from my stomach to my back. Dustin took 1 look at my face and called in sick. Total life saver! He also had called and made me an appointment with a chiropractor for today. I didn't want to go, because I didn't want to pay for it. However, I was glad I went. He said I do not have a herniated disc, so that is a huge praise. On my lower back one side is very tight and one is very loose, so it is causing problems in both sides. When he adjusted me he told me I was going to feel much better, and my back was going to go nuts. Sure enough it must have popped 20 times in 2 seconds. I still hurt, but nowhere to the point of yesterday. This is almost liveable, where yesterday was not. The boys had their moments today, but for the most part were much better. We finished the night off by watching a movie in our bed. Totally the highlight of the day. Brayden was laying in my lap, Bryson on my arm snuggled in, and Brandt on the other side of Bryson reached up and held my hand several times. Pure bliss, I guess they knew I was really needing that!


brickmomma said...

You looked good yesterday. Thank you for our goodies!!

Keep resting~

Lindsey said...

Awwww!!! See, boys love their Mommies!!!

I'm glad you've gotten some relief!