Sunday, February 10, 2008

A busy weekend

My parents and nephews came to help work on the house this weekend. My parents will be very busy the next few months flipping a house, so we had to get a ton to get done before they left as this might be the last weekend they can help before the baby comes. They got a lot of the walls ready for texture, and then they textured and painted the hall bath upstairs to see if we liked it. The boys saw paint and came running, they absolutely love to paint. lol

Brandt has painted a decent amount so he came upstairs and went straight to get his "work" clothes on.
We had to find Brayden some work clothes. Now he officially has work clothes as well. This was the 1st time he really painted, and did pretty good. Funny story: the paint we picked out is called Peanut butter. When we told Brayden we were going to paint the walls Peanut Butter, he started crying and saying he didn't want that just paint. lol
This is what Bryson was doing when the other boys were painting. He was so tired he crashed in the car on the way back from getting hair cuts. He didn't move when we carried him in and laid him down on our bed (he almost always wakes up when you move him). Parden the unmade bed, the sheets were in the washer.
We got (or I should say my wonderful hubby and daddy) got a lot done. We might actually have textured and painted walls in this house in the next little while. lol Next room will be the baby's room. Then we'll move to the main areas like the playroom, hallways, entryway, and kitchen.


Anonymous said...

How fun!!! We have several rooms in our house just CRYING to be painted!!! You're inspiring!!!


Nicole said...

You made me even more tired just reading what all you did! Way to go though!