Monday, March 17, 2008

Tons of pictures

I am now 33 weeks pregnant, and here is a belly shot from today. I am still trying to get the correct dosing on the insulin, as my numbers have still been too high. Hopefully, we can get it down before too long. Evidently, the further along you get the harder time your body has regulating the sugars. So what might work for me insulin wise this week, might be too weak next. This should get fun. lol 2 weeks ago we actually had snow in Bryan, Texas. It does get cold enough occassionally, but it is always sleet/ice. I went to let our outside cat back outside in the morning, and saw snow. I have never awaken the boys and dressed them so fast in my life. lol Of course, it did not stick, and by the time we left for school (an hour later) it had stopped.

Brayden trying to catch snow on his tongue. He tried and tried to catch it.

That same week Brayden had Rodeo day at preschool. He could lasso pretty good (although he would cheat when it was time to get it on the cow. lol)
Yep, that is right I have a child old enough for Little League Tee-ball. Can you believe it? Dustin is an assistant coach on the team, with his work being so crazy we were afraid to sign on as a head coach. He has practices 3 times a week until the season starts on the 29th. Then he will still have 3 nights a week, but some will be practices and some will be games. Thankfully, the season is only through Mid-May.

We went in the living room the other day and found the boys snuggled up watching tv. Brayden actually was laying there with his arm around Bryson. These 2 usually butt-heads so it was extra special.
The boys got these shaving kits with kids shaving cream and plastic bathrub razors. They had the absolute best time with them, although they probably used 3/4 of a can in 1 bath. lol


Lindsey said...

Great update!! I was starting to worry about you!!

Ok, look at your belly pic and then go look at mine on my blog. I promise, same belly!!!!!! I'm going to be HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, I love your top, it's very cute!

Anonymous said...

PRECIOUS belly!!!!!!!! Precious pics! Thanks for sharing. Your house is so awesome! I have never seen it. Love it! Anyway, thanks for catching us up! :) Nicole

Amanda said...

Loved reading your update. Loving the belly picture...the boys are adorable and gowing like weeds. Your house is beautiful!!!!

Becky said...

Cute blog and pics! You'll be done with it all before long!!