Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Urgent Prayer Request

We still do not know what is wrong with him. The test came back that his heart was ok. The put him on a blood thinner and he starting improving, so they thought it might be a blood clot. As of last night, they have determined it is not a blod clot, but still aren't sure what it is. They are now testing for gastro issues. It is just scary to be so ill and have no idea what it is, so you have no idea what to treat. Praise be to God, that the blood thinner helped tremendously and he was even joking around last night. He is still by no means out of the woods yet, but I am so thankful all 4 kids are there spending time with him and he is not in as severe of pain as he was.

We got an email and phone call last night that Dustin's uncle had been taken to the hospital with an apparent heart attack. They have run tests, and do not know what is wrong, but he has gone down hill drastically today. He is an amazing man. He is very kind and funny. He is a preacher at a small church in Michigan. He has 4 grown kids and 2 grandchildren. Please pray for him and his family (they just lost Dustin's grandfather in October and now this doesn't look good for Steve).


Becky said...

So Sorry! I am just now seeing this on Friday! Will pray..
give us an update!

Anonymous said...

I'll be praying!


brickmomma said...

I just now saw this....

So sorry my friend!

How is the house stuff coming?