Friday, June 13, 2008

10 reasons I am thankful for the summer

1. Snuggle time with my 2 year old while he falls a sleep for naptime
2. Snowcones and popsicles
3. Splashpad fun
4. $1 movies, and that all 3 kids actually sat and watched it last time
5. Boat rides, desperately need to take it out
6. Flying kites, and watching the awe on my kids faces when they get it really high
7. Our anniversary, and just a reminder of how blessed I am
8. Not having to get up to an alarm...can I get an AMEN!
9. I am a stay at home mom for 3 months, and then get to go back to work...perfect balance for me!
10. That even though I am off, I still get paid!

Family time and making memories...priceless!


brickmomma said...

Hmmmm, I'd like the pay chekc part ;)

I am lovin' summer, too!

Though I think #3 has a yucky cold :(

Becky said...

Here's your AMEN!!!!

Becky said...

OH, and I remember getting the summers off while still getting paid!! Gotta love some things about teaching!! :o)