Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Respect for pioneer women...

We are visiting my parents and today their A/C went out. It was over 100 degrees here today and it was miserably hot. We had a really hard time finding someone who would come out today to look at it (keep in mind my parents live in the middle of nowhere...over an hour from a large city). Finally at 2:30 she found someone who would be out by 3:30 and they were able to fix it quickly. When they got here it was 92 INSIDE the house. Wow! I went to Dollar General and bought a blow-up pool and the older kids had a great time and ate lots of popsicles. However, the baby was miserable. He was way too hot & even got a little heat rash on his back. I felt so bad for him and we went and sat in the A/C in the van for a while. We were within a few minutes of cutting the trip short and going home to the cool. The whole time I was so grateful that I live in an age and place where I have the luxury of A/C. Can you imagine the early pioneer women who wore petticoats and long sleeve dresses with no A/C? How did they do it? They cooked over open flames, that had to be so HOT. Why would anyone have come to the south with no A/C? I would totally have been a northern girl, I could add layers or start a fire. I learned I do not have a ton of patience when I get way overheated. lol I am very pleased to say there is now a nice breeze in here now.


Lindsey said...

Hey girl, some of us northerners still don't have A/C!!! LOL!! The first house we lived in up here didn't have a/c and let me tell you how pleasant it was the week we had 98 degree temperatures! LOL!

Thankfully we're now in a house with a/c and life is good!

Sorry you were so miserable, but glad your parents were able to get the a/c fixed!

brickmomma said...

Oh my goodness!!!!

Glad it is better now!

DD keeps wanting to call his buds on the phone......let us know when you get back!