Sunday, February 22, 2009

Valentine's Present

We got a family Valentine's Day present this year. Her name is Kendall and she is a 9 week old CKC registered Boxer. I would never have picked out a boxer, but after talking to our vet about a dog for our family we knew the boxer was a perfect fit. We did a lot of searching before we found the right one and on Valentine's Day we drove to Ennis, Texas to pick her up.
Kendall and Shelby have become fast friends. They are even both sleeping on Shelby's bed.
This is the night we brought her home. Bry fell a sleep on the way home, but the older 2 were so excited they had a hard time sleeping. Brayden loved how she kept climbing on his back.

She does think she is a lap dog, but considering she should be at least 50 pounds when she is full grown she will have to get over that. haha She was 8.9 pounds today at the vet's office so she has a lot more growing to do.


Karlise said...

Awww she's soooo cute!!

Kathleen said...

My parents had a boxer when I was born and he was great with me. There are lots of pictures of him licking my face. Such a sweet dog. You are amazing though. I don't know how you deal with 4 and pets too. There is now way I could handle any more mouths to feed right now.

brickmomma said...

I love boxers- so cute. But I am with Kathleen - I am over run and recently even vetoed another fish!!!