Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Our Comedian

Bryson is our comedian. He does and says the funniest things, and he doesn't even try to. He catches us so off guard, that we have to be careful not to laugh when he should be getting in trouble. Brandt went to a pirate birthday party this weekend and got tons of beads as his "loot". They were all in the bag in their closet. As we were getting them ready for bed last night, Bryson went in their closet and then came out this way. lol

Please pardon the mess in their room. They wanted to sleep on the floor, so they had their blankets and stuffed animals out.

Notice his arms are covered in Cars tattoos, he came home today with them. Totally fits his personality.
This is his "cheese' face


Sean and Kristi said...

That is dif Bryson. I miss Hunt and Christian being that age. I hope to see everyone soon.

Karlise said...

Haha too cute!!