Thursday, May 21, 2009

Brandt goes to camp

Several people have asked me about the camp Brandt is going to this summer that I mentioned here. He is going to go to Carolina Creek Christian Camp. He will be gone for a full week, and he is very excited. They have so much fun stuff for him to do: blobs, tubing behind a speed boat, zip lines, archery, rifling, ropes course, zip line into the pool, etc. He can do everything there as long as he wants to, there is not an age limit. I love love love that this is a Christian camp and will hopefully help him strengthen his relationship with the Lord he has recently started. Carolina Creek had an Open House on May 3rd that we went to. It is only 1 1/2 hours from home so it is perfect. We were very impressed with the camp and the staff members. Here are a few pictures we took while there. It rained over 5 inches the morning we went so there was a lot of standing water which normally wouldn't be there.
The Entrance to Camp
A cabin he will sleep in
Zip line on the ropes course
Brandt going down the zip line into the pool
Their outside chapel...normally there wouldn't be water between the 2 decks.

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