Friday, December 18, 2009

Flashback Friday: Week #3

This week: Bryson. Bryson was only 7 weeks old on his 1st Christmas. Year: 2005
This is not a hot picture of me, but hey I can claim sleep deprivation...right? I had a 7 week old, 20 month old, and a barely 3 year old at this point. I am tired just thinking about it. lol I just love itty bitty babies. Love them!
Bryson and his great grandma, Nana (this is my mom's mom)
My sister Kim and all her nephews: My 3 plus our other 2 nephews: Hunter & Christian
My cousin Anja, feeding Bryson. Anja was just diagnosed with stage 3 cervical cancer. Please keep her in your prayers. She just had surgery and it was very extensive, but was a huge success.
Here is our Christmas card from 2005. We also used it as our baby announcement card as well.


Carrie said...

Oh my goodness, I can totally see some of his expressions, even now, in those infant shots.

Kierstyn said...

You, my friend, are the queen of the Christmas card!!