Monday, December 7, 2009

"Not Me!" Monday

This week I was not so tired that I actually washed my face with hand lotion instead of soap. Surely I would notice that the bottle was much larger and heavier than my soap way before I used it. No way would I put it on and start rubbing it in before I realized something was wrong.

I would never give my 4 year old dirt and worms crushed oreos with gummy worms to eat and then leave the room. This is Bry we are talking about. He isn't timid about anything and attacks everything with zest and gusto. So I shouldn't have been surprised at all when I walked in and caught him like this. What did I think he was going to do with it? Eat it with grace without spilling a drop? His response "well I didn't have any silverware". There you go. That'll teach me to set something down in front of him without ALL necessary utensils. Forget that he is 4 and knows where the silverware is kept and is more than capable of getting it himself. Lesson learned.
Since I am such a busy, full-time working mama to 4 young boys I would never spend hours playing around with making collages in photoshop like this one. I have way bigger fish to fry than that so to waste my time and energy on that, well that certainly wasn't me! I mean they don't even load on my blog in the correct size, so what would the point be anyway?

This weekend we went to Austin to celebrate my niece turning 1. I would never purposely tell my sister her homemade cakes in the shape of cupcakes looked like mushrooms just to get a reaction out of her. That would be so mean, and who am I to talk I have never attempted to make my own cake for any of my boys. Not to mention the theme of the party was obviously cupcakes. Nor did I get a kick out of it when I did get the said reaction. I would never do something like that. Nope, not me!

I would not have taken the older 3 boys to an ice skating birthday party all by myself. I am a nervous nelly and would not be able to stand watching them slip, slide, and fall down over and over again. So it certainly wasn't me that was cracking up hysterically when they would start going fast and then their feet would go shooting up and then they would land on their bottom. I mean they could have gotten hurt, and that certainly wouldn't have been funny. Not to mention if they saw their own mother laughing at them, well it could certainly have hurt their feelings and pride, and I would never want to do that.

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3 Dudes and a Diva said...

Just found your blog! Love it. Your boys are so cute and I love that they all have B names. We are expecting our 4th boy in March and we have all K names!! Fun, Fun. I am sure your house is as much fun and as much mess as ours!!

Confessions From A Working Mom said...

Love the pictures of your "dirt"-y son! I love "dirt" as a snack... why bother with a spoon???


cttnjss said...

very cute boys.. i have a bryson also he is my oldest (5), i'm always suprised to see other brysons, thier are so few of them..