Monday, April 26, 2010

"Not Me!" Monday

This week after his baseball game Bryson was eating his snack when he started spitting and gagging. When I turned around I did not see him pull a half chewed cricket from his mouth. I mean he was eating Cheese-its, not crickets. I also did not spend 5 minutes looking in the grass to see where he threw it just so I could take a picture of it to show his dad who was coaching his brother's game at the time. Nor was it 5 minutes later and he was still picking black pieces of cricket from his mouth. Nope, that would never happen in our family!

This weekend Brandt's cub scout troop had a Pinewood Derby. Our family is always prompt and on time with everything. So it wasn't us that got ready to put our weights on less than an hour before check-in only to realize they were the wrong weights for his design. This didn't result in Dustin making a mad-dash to Michael's and a 20 minute delay in the race starting just to get it finished, splintered wood and epoxy flying everywhere and all.

Brennan just had his 2 year check up this morning. I took him in between classes, so it was just him and me. It was not my child that walked himself to the door when they called his name and then proceed to turn and try to run when he realized what was about to happen. Nor did I have to get on the scale with him and then weight myself without him while he laid on the floor and cried since he refused to get on the scale. That would totally not be MY luck! Nor did these antics proceed while the evil nurse measured his length, took his temperature, and did his head circumference. So when the nurse came back to give him a shot I got in position to pin him down on the table, since of course this was going to be terrible since getting him to stand on a scale sent him over the edge earlier. Nope, it wouldn't be the same child that actually sat still for the shot, cried maybe 2 seconds after the shot, then proceeded to wave and blow kisses bye as he grabbed a sticker and sucker on the way out the door. Nope, no way was that the same child.

Our house is always so crazy and wild I would never run out of things to blog about and start a Q & A post on my blog. My friend Kierstyn did one a few weeks ago, and I would never steal borrow her idea just to see what followers and lurkers a like want to ask a very testosterone driven household. (So if you have any question, silly or serious I'd love for you to ask it...even if you are a lurker and don't normally comment)

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Carrie said...

Be on the lookout for Bryson eating sugar ants now! Today he tried repeatedly to convince me that they are good for you! I wasn't sure where he got that from, but after reading about the cricket, it makes more sense now! Ha! (sorry if this posted twice...I lost my internet connection and had to redo it)

JDaniel4's Mom said...

We had the same evil nurse try to weigh and measure JDaniel. I don't think he is reall as tall or as heavy as he came out when she did his measurements with him screaming.