Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Blue Bell fun

Yesterday the boys, some friends, and their kiddos went to the Blue Bell factory in Brenham for a tour. They got to see how the ice cream is made, and the best part...at the end they got to eat some ice cream. It was a really fun day, and doing it with friends made it even better.
Getting ready to start the tour
Brennan checking out the ice cream counter
Brayden at the counter
Brandt and my niece, Bridgett
Brennan and his buddy Logan hanging out
Brayden and Brandt and some buddies
Brennan and friends
Bryson and his best friend Mason, and his little sister Ellie
The boys checking out creamery truck
L to R: Kaylynn, Brandt, Brennan, Bryson, Brayden, and Bridgett
(my 4 boys and 2 nieces)

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