Monday, May 2, 2011

Game Ball time

Texas in May is usually well into the 90s and hot, HOT, HOT. Today the high was actually cooler than the typical low for this time of year. I don't remember having this type of weather past say March before...especially not into May.
We had 2 baseball games tonight and it was sprinkling and around 50 degrees the whole time. We had to go digging for long sleeves and jackets.
Poor Brennan was freezing
The boys played really well tonight. Brandt had 2 RBIs and 2 amazing stops and throws to 1st for outs at pitcher. He had a really great game, and got the game ball tonight.
Our whole team played very well, and 2 kids received game balls tonight. However, we only took 1 game ball to the field so Brandt got an IOU for his ball...thankfully we knew where to find him. :)
Brandt and his well deserved game ball

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