Friday, May 6, 2011

Game Ball²

This was a great week of baseball in our house. Brandt got the game ball earlier this week and tonight we had game ball². That is right not one, but 2 of the boys received the coveted game ball.

Bryson got 2 great hits, one from each side of the plate. Yep, he is a switch hitter, and pretty stinking good at it. He also made a couple of good plays in the field including beating a runner to 1st for an out. Way to go, Bry!
Bryson getting the game ball

Bryson and Daddy
Brayden played an excellent game against a power house of a team. He hit the ball really well twice, and hustled very quickly down the line making it safely the 2nd time. He also fielded a really hard ball and threw it in right away keeping the runner on 1st, which normally would have been a home run. In fact, they held that team to zero runs that inning, which I don't think has happened all year. Good job Brayden!
Brayden and Daddy
Dustin and his boys

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