Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Camp Vaughn: Day 2

Today was Camp Vaughn: Day 2. This morning we went to my good friend, Carrie's, house for a play date with Bryson's best friend, Brennan's future wife, and their sweet baby. Bryson has already asked several times when he can go back. I guess that means he had a good time. :)

They jumped...

They played "ghost" baseball in the backyard.
When they started to get hot they cooled off with Popsicles...
...and when that wasn't enough they turned their trampoline into a huge slip and slide.

After lunch I took the boys swimming again. There were more flips from Bryson, and Brennan went down the slide and then swam to the side all by himself...with no help at all from me. Gotta LOVE Puddle Jumpers.

Currently, Bryson is on a date with daddy enjoying Project Yogurt and looking for a new fish for our fish tank.
Brennan is totally wiped out from our day.

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Carrie said...

We had a fun time too!! Love the pictures and videos! You are really keeping busy with those 2 boys. I'm sure they're gonna have lots of good stories to share with their brothers when they get home from camp!