Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Camp Vaughn: Day 3

Today was Camp Vaughn: Day 3. We started out the morning watching Monsters vs. Aliens at the movie theater. We have seen the movie a thousand times before, but there is something super fun about watching it in the theater.

After the movie we went to U-Paint-It so Bryson could decorate some pottery. It was our 1st time making anything there, and Bry made this awesome tile we are going to put in their bathroom. It takes a week for them to bake it and glaze it, so we don't pick it up until next week. He did it all by himself, and I am anxious to see how it turned out.
While Bryson painted his tile Brennan painted on the table cover and then did water paint on a paper they brought him. He had a great time too.
After that I took the boys to the splashpad. When the boys were younger it was too scary for me to take them all swimming by myself, because I was so outnumbered and afraid someone might drown. Since there isn't standing water, I would take the boys to the splashpad all the time. However, after being there for a short time today they were ready to go. Sad to say that I think my kiddos have outgrown the splashpad. :(

When the boys got tired of the splash pad we went across the street to the park. It was so hot, that the pebbles under the equipment were burning to the touch. We didn't stay there too long, but before we left Bry showed off more of his crazy skills.
We finished out the evening with daddy meeting us for some yummy JJ's snow cones.

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